Macworld – All you need to know…

Steve Jobs.
How does he do it?

Once a year, he gets up on a stage in San Francisco, in his jeans and baggy grey roll-neck, and absorbs the adulation of the masses as he tells us what he and his busy workers at Apple have been dreaming up.

All over the world, millions of Mac fans pore over websites, eagerly monitoring his every revelation like disciples hanging on the words of a religious guru.

Here, courtesy of, are the abridged (yet genuine) highlights from Steve Jobs’ Macworld keynote presentation:

9:08 am – crowds cheer
9:14 am – Steve on stage
9:14 am – heavy applause
9:21 am – growth, now sell more than amazon – applause
9:22 am – applause
9:42 am – widescreen ipod
9:42 am – crowd goes wild
9:42 am – mobile phone
9:43 am – crowd goes wild again
9:43 am – shows comedy picture
9:43 am – crowd laughs
9:49 am – shows software
9:49 am – applause
9:59 am – it is very fast, just like on a laptop
9:59 am – applause
10:02 am – best ipod they ever made
10:02 am – applause
10:08 am – just touch to add callers
10:08 am – crowd is impressed
10:21 am – full screen view or preview mail
10:21 am – crowd impressed
10:27 am – presses a button and calls starbucks
10:27 am – orders 4000 latte’s[sic] to go – crowd laughs
10:37 am – crowd begging steve for iphone

That’s as far as it had got when I starting writing, but no doubt if I had continued watching, it would have gone something like:

10:41 am – Steve unveils another clever gadget
10:41 am – crowd goes wild again
10:45 am – demonstration of ‘on’ button
10:45 am – crowd goes absolutely mental
am – Steve cracks a joke about Windows
10:52 am – sound of manic laughter fills San Francisco
10:59 am – price of shiny gadget will be $199
10:59 am – widespread pandemonium in crowd
11:01 am – woman climbs onto stage bearing sick child, begging for laying on of Steve’s hands
11:07 am – child cured
11:08 am – crowd fall to knees in adoration
11:09 am – the clouds part and Steve is raised into heaven…

What a guy…

Update –
Just saw this on the BBC News website’s Macworld report:

“Outside the building, BBC News Online happened upon Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, who was leaving the keynote on his Segway transportation device. “


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