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Flying Away

8.22am on a Sunday morning. Each one of these vapour trails is a plane. And each plane holds a few hundred people leaving Gatwick and heading south-east for mainland Europe or beyond. Thousands of people. Thousands of far-away adventures beginning … Continue reading

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Still Waters Run Cold

Yesterday was the coldest day of the winter so far in England. Northerly winds brought cool arctic air down to Europe. The unusual offshore wind in Brighton creates a beautiful peace and tranquility on the water. Which, on the coldest … Continue reading

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Pigeon-Proofing Our World

Is it my imagination or has every building in urban Britain developed some kind of odd infection? A sort of rash, characterised by thousands and thousands of spikes covering every visible horizontal surface above head height? In the love/hate relationship … Continue reading

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Brighton Goes Off

A big day in Brighton. Big weather, big waves. Not really a morning for swimming! Here’s a video of how things are looking from the roof of the Neilson office in Brighton Marina: The shakiness of the picture is a … Continue reading

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Sea Swimming

After tentatively dipping my toe in the cold English Channel, I have now taken the plunge and fully joined up with the ‘Arch Section’ of Brighton Swimming Club. In December. Cold? Yes, it is. It really is. But it’s a … Continue reading

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