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First Ride-By Shouting of 2008

So there we were. About half-past midnight no New Year’s Eve and Mel and I are riding merrily along Brighton’s seafront cyclepath. Given the time and date, it is no surprise to see dozens of pedestrians wobbling about in the … Continue reading

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Birthday – Binary, Bikes and Beer

Friday 29th June 2007 was my 32nd birthday. (When bored the previous evening, it occurred to me that if you were into binary, this would actually be my 100000th. Luckily, I’m not into binary…) A dreary rainy day at work … Continue reading

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National Bike Week Comes to Brighton

National Bike Week began for me this morning at around 4.45am, in the English Channel. “Ladies and Gentlemen, we will shortly be arriving in Newhaven. Enjoy your stay in England.“ On our way back from a two day road jolly … Continue reading

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Flying to Work

Brighton’s getting a lot of weather at the moment. After a few balmy weeks, the wind and the rain is back with a vengeance. Yesterday I rode home along the seafront with a howling wind in my face. As I … Continue reading

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Barenaked Ladies – Brighton, 5th April 2007

Watching the Barenaked Ladies at Brighton Dome on Thursday was possibly the most fun I’ve had in front of a live band. I can’t remember the exact set list; a combination of excitement, ignorance and a touch of alcohol puts … Continue reading

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Bring on the Spring

The arrival of spring, and then summer, has always meant a lot to me, but I’ve been thinking about it lots recently. Living by the sea it’s somehow easier to appreciate the passing of the seasons. Harsh winters of crashing … Continue reading

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Better Than Any Screensaver

Every night as the sun goes down, the starlings of Brighton’s West Pier do their amazing evening dance around the hulk of the burnt-out structure. They’ve been there for as long as anyone can remember. After the fire in 2003 … Continue reading

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Flying Away

8.22am on a Sunday morning. Each one of these vapour trails is a plane. And each plane holds a few hundred people leaving Gatwick and heading south-east for mainland Europe or beyond. Thousands of people. Thousands of far-away adventures beginning … Continue reading

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Still Waters Run Cold

Yesterday was the coldest day of the winter so far in England. Northerly winds brought cool arctic air down to Europe. The unusual offshore wind in Brighton creates a beautiful peace and tranquility on the water. Which, on the coldest … Continue reading

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Pigeon-Proofing Our World

Is it my imagination or has every building in urban Britain developed some kind of odd infection? A sort of rash, characterised by thousands and thousands of spikes covering every visible horizontal surface above head height? In the love/hate relationship … Continue reading

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