Reach for the Eurostars


It amazes me the way that I can wake up in Rebecca and Simon’s spare room in Brussels, then stroll down the road, hop on a train and step off in central London in the time it takes to read the paper and have a snooze.

Eurostar is so much better than flying. No need for two hour check-ins, stingy baggage allowances or travelling from town to airport at either end of your journey.

Plus, of course, the whole carbon emissions thing makes Eurostar look a far rosier option than its airborne cousins.

The only way to travel.

Unless you’re going somewhere like South America.

Or the pub, for that matter.

I’ve used Eurostar for three trips now – twice to Brussels and once to Paris. I might consider it for my next jolly to the Alps – though being realistic, I hope it works out as a comparable cost to the airlines, or my conscience will have to grapple with the financial reality of it all…

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