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Get up early before it’s too late – Don’t miss the best time of day at the best time of year

The clocks have gone forward and we’ve been enjoying extra daylight in the evening. But what about the morning? Continue reading

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Unfolding the Folder – The Nonsense of Southern Railways’ Cycle Policy

This bike is pictured aboard the 18.19 train from Brighton to London Victoria. Trains travelling between the two cities at this time, and for six key hours every weekday, are subject to Southern Railways’ cycle policy, which outlaws all bikes … Continue reading

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howies Autumn Catalogue

I’ve just been looking at the autumn catalogue from howies, the undeniably cool clothing company. Well worth a look. I’m not sure if it’s just come out, or if it’s been available for a few weeks, but it’s the first … Continue reading

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Bring on the Spring

The arrival of spring, and then summer, has always meant a lot to me, but I’ve been thinking about it lots recently. Living by the sea it’s somehow easier to appreciate the passing of the seasons. Harsh winters of crashing … Continue reading

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Flying Away

8.22am on a Sunday morning. Each one of these vapour trails is a plane. And each plane holds a few hundred people leaving Gatwick and heading south-east for mainland Europe or beyond. Thousands of people. Thousands of far-away adventures beginning … Continue reading

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Reach for the Eurostars

It amazes me the way that I can wake up in Rebecca and Simon’s spare room in Brussels, then stroll down the road, hop on a train and step off in central London in the time it takes to read … Continue reading

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