Happy Birthday Rebecca

Two or three years ago, I made a birthday card for my friend Rebecca. She’s a bit of a fan of South Park, so I went to one those websites that lets you build a South Park character and constructed Rebecca in South Park style, then printed it off and used it as the basis for a birthday card. I think (I hope) she was quite chuffed.

Tomorrow is Rebecca’s birthday once more, so keeping topical, I thought I might replicate the idea on the back of the current Simpsons hooplah. So off I go to the Simpsons movie website.

However, after having made the necessary adjustments to gender, body shape, hair, skin tone, face and clothing, I am disappointed to see that the finished result looks nothing like my friend Rebecca!

How Messrs Groening and co. can let me down like this I do not know. I expected better of their animation skills.

But for what it’s worth, if you’ve never met my friend Rebecca, then rest assured, she looks absolutely nothing like this:

Sorry I can’t make it to the party.
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1 Response to Happy Birthday Rebecca

  1. Anonymous says:

    But Clive, I look exactly like the South Park version!

    Your presence will be missed but we can have a photo of the beaver handy just in case.

    At least your negative Vasco will be at the party. Look forward to seeing you very soon anyway so we can celebrate in suitable style.

    Love Becs xxx

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