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Letting go of Twitter’s other big number. And learning to listen.

This is repost of something I blogged about while working with NixonMcInnes. Though I wrote this a while ago, my advice still stands… ___________________ Here’s a familiar conversation: A client (or prospective client) tells me they want more followers for … Continue reading

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Hear and now: social media listening for operational decision-making

This is a repost of something I originally wrote on the NixonMcInnes site during my time there, explaining the benefits of really getting stuck into social media listening, whether working in the rail industry or elsewhere. Give me a shout … Continue reading

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Four things I’ll be watching on Twitter as Virgin takes to the east coast

As I write this, we’re just a few hours away from a significant moment in the UK’s rail industry: Day One of the new Virgin Trains East Coast operation – returning the King’s Cross to Edinburgh (and beyond) route to … Continue reading

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Vancouver – #whyYVR

Virgin Atlantic are beginning flights from Heathrow to Vancouver, and they’re asking who wants the final seat on the first flight.

I do. And here’s why…

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Why I’m Glad the Daily Mail Hates Social Media

I’m pleased to see the Daily Mail has dismissed Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the social media movement. But here’s why… Continue reading

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Is Television the New Meat?

I’ve not eaten meat deliberately for around 14 years. (There was that chain of accidental events back in Finikounda, but that’s another story…).When I first went veggie, I became used to the curiosity of those around me: “But why not?” … Continue reading

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London Underground

Looks like there’s a tube strike going ahead- BBC News I’m not amazingly well-versed on the politics, rights or wrongs of the current situation. In fact, I don’t even live in London. But it’s a great excuse to listen once … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Rebecca

Two or three years ago, I made a birthday card for my friend Rebecca. She’s a bit of a fan of South Park, so I went to one those websites that lets you build a South Park character and constructed … Continue reading

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Return to Liverpool – Part 2 – A Dingy, Smelly, Slippy Place

My visits to Liverpool are infrequent these days. After having lived there for five-and-a-half years, I like to visit once a year or so, to catch up with the great friends I left behind. On this occasion, my visit co-incided … Continue reading

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