Get up early before it’s too late – Don’t miss the best time of day at the best time of year

OK, spring is here. However you judge it, however you measure it, winter is gone, spring is upon us and summer is impatiently knocking at the door with a pair of flip-flops, a rolled up towel and a cheeky grin.

The annual forward movement of the clocks, two weeks ago, was an obvious cue for our summer lifestyles to begin. That extra hour of daylight in the evening puts a smile on the face of even the most cynical among us. We have managed to gerrymander our way into an additional hour of whatever we love to do of an evening – walking, cycling or just enjoying an outdoor pint with workmates in a pub garden.

But what about the other end of the day? The mornings that, theoretically, have lost an hour of daylight? Do we mourn the temporary loss of the morning sunshine? Of course we don’t – most of us are still in bed. We don’t notice it. Which is a shame.

Seize the morning

Morning LightEarly summer mornings are beautiful. There is something magical about the way the first rays of sunshine fall on dewy grass and chilly windows. Something is very life-affirming about leaving the house feeling the chill on your skin, only to notice the warmth of the sun’s rays a short time later.

Here’s where, if we’re observant, we can reap the overlooked bonus of the springtime time-shift. It takes a full month for the hour of ‘lost’ morning to be recovered by the natural extension of the summer daylight. So for that month, the wonderful spectacle of a chilly summer morning is brought an hour closer to us and our waking hours.

Soon it will be full-strength summer and, regardless of the weather, sunrise will once again retreat into the eccentric realms of the specialist early-riser. By the time June comes, we’ll be waking to a fully sunlit world, and the magic of a summer’s morning will only be available to anyone who makes enough effort to be up before five.

So do it, quick. Go set your alarm now. Tomorrow’s sunrise is just after six o’clock. Pump up the bike tyres, pick a book to take to the beach or warn the dog it’s in for an early walk.

Summer’s coming. And if you blink, you’ll miss it.

Tamina Looks Out

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2 Responses to Get up early before it’s too late – Don’t miss the best time of day at the best time of year

  1. @nthony says:

    I second that Clive. I have been heading out and lengthening my rides in; It’s great 😀

    …I say that despite the full on ‘hurting rain’ and thunderbolts this morning – just so great to have a proper ride before work, light air, and for some reason a lot more cows out jogging?

    I will try to push back the boundary to sun up this week while that is still do-able.

  2. Antoine says:

    Can you get it moved another three hours? I could just about manage getting up at nine for a sunrise.

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