One of those ‘This is what the internet was made for’ moments.

Here’s something that made me smile:

  1. Frank Turner, currently one of my favourite musicians, mentions on Twitter that he’s about to play a free gig in Winterthur, Switzerland later in the day.
  2. My friends Rebecca and Simon live in Winterthur, so I suggest, through Twitter, that they may want to go along.
  3. Rebecca and Simon haven’t heard of Frank Turner, so they sample his tunes via the web.
  4. It’s a pleasant evening in Switzerland so Rebecca and Simon decide to go along.
  5. Rebecca and Simon send me, via Yfrog and then Flickr, photos from the gig.

Frank Turner, Musikfestwochen, Winterthur

5. Frank Turner gets a new fan, Becs and Simon get a good night out and I, half a continent away, get to see what a good time they had.

That (among a few other things) is what the internet was made for.

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