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Quick thinking in customer service – the community behaviour matrix 

This is re-post of an old post I contributed to the NixonMcInnes blog during my time there. It describes a tool I developed to help community managers to manage diverse kinds of social conversation. Though it’s evolved a little, I still … Continue reading

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There is nothing left to Like

We all know the word ‘like’ has changed its meaning. Ever since Facebook allowed us to ‘Like’ an update, photo or link from a friend, ‘like’ has come to mean ‘agree’, ‘acknowledge’ or ‘appreciate’. Where Facebook users used to reply … Continue reading

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One of those ‘This is what the internet was made for’ moments.

Here’s something that made me smile: Frank Turner, currently one of my favourite musicians, mentions on Twitter that he’s about to play a free gig in Winterthur, Switzerland later in the day. My friends Rebecca and Simon live in Winterthur, … Continue reading

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Thank Martin for Picr: making it easier to share images from a Flickr set

I’m a big fan of Flickr. It has so many features, such functionality and such a network of communities that, in addition to using it for my own personal photos, I use Flickr for work-related projects. If I have a … Continue reading

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Why I’m Glad the Daily Mail Hates Social Media

I’m pleased to see the Daily Mail has dismissed Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the social media movement. But here’s why… Continue reading

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Blame it on the Twitter

I’m about to do what I never thought I would do. I have been an infrequent blogger over the last couple of years, writing irregularly and infrequently, sometimes for work and sometimes for fun. I have always harboured a dislike … Continue reading

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Welcome to Spamworld

We all know about spam. We’re all fed up with the constant deluge of crap in our inboxes. But recently, I seem to have passed a significant threshold. Over half the email messages I now get, on my work email, … Continue reading

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