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Return to Liverpool – Part 1 – Platform 4

If boarding an Olympic flight at Heathrow, the Greek accents, illegible safety signs and stewardesses’ make-up tell you straight away that though you maybe sat on west London tarmac, culturally, your journey to Greece is to a large extent complete. … Continue reading

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Off-Road Utopia

Last weekend was one of our several-times-a-year mountain biking trips. The first significant trip of 2007. The destination for this springtime adventure? South Wales. The purpose-built, manufactured trails of Brechfa and Glyncorrwg, near Port Talbot. A superb weekend. Largely thanks … Continue reading

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Flying Away

8.22am on a Sunday morning. Each one of these vapour trails is a plane. And each plane holds a few hundred people leaving Gatwick and heading south-east for mainland Europe or beyond. Thousands of people. Thousands of far-away adventures beginning … Continue reading

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Sand In My Shoes

A while ago I was at my parents’ house clearing out some stuff I’d left at their place. I found a pair of shoes I’d forgotten I owned. The last time I wore these shoes was in 2000, during one … Continue reading

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Reach for the Eurostars

It amazes me the way that I can wake up in Rebecca and Simon’s spare room in Brussels, then stroll down the road, hop on a train and step off in central London in the time it takes to read … Continue reading

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