Quick thinking in customer service – the community behaviour matrix 

This is re-post of an old post I contributed to the NixonMcInnes blog during my time there. It describes a tool I developed to help community managers to manage diverse kinds of social conversation.

Though it’s evolved a little, I still use a version of this model in my social media training courses. Give me a shout if you want to know more.


The use of social platforms as a way of providing customer service isn’t always easy. An effective customer service team uses community management skills to juggle a stream of online interaction – ensuring they make best use of time and resources to prioritise the right conversations in a busy online environment. Which issues are most important? Where should we spend our time? Who needs our help the most?

So, to make this task a little less overwhelming, I’ve developed a customer behaviour matrix to help make sense of it all.

To see a larger version of these slides, download them or view them via Slideshare.

Here’s the customer behaviour matrix itself:

What do you think? Is there anything you’d change or do differently? Do you use other mechanisms to manage online customer service?

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