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Quick thinking in customer service – the community behaviour matrix 

This is re-post of an old post I contributed to the NixonMcInnes blog during my time there. It describes a tool I developed to help community managers to manage diverse kinds of social conversation. Though it’s evolved a little, I still … Continue reading

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Blame it on the Twitter

I’m about to do what I never thought I would do. I have been an infrequent blogger over the last couple of years, writing irregularly and infrequently, sometimes for work and sometimes for fun. I have always harboured a dislike … Continue reading

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howies and me

I’ve made no secret of my admiration for clothing company howies in recent times. I’ve never been one to comment on fashion, but I’ve always liked howies’ open-minded ideas, their gorgeous catalogues, their friendly blog and their entertaining website. They … Continue reading

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howies Autumn Catalogue

I’ve just been looking at the autumn catalogue from howies, the undeniably cool clothing company. Well worth a look. I’m not sure if it’s just come out, or if it’s been available for a few weeks, but it’s the first … Continue reading

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New howies Catalogue is Here!

The new howies catalogue landed on my doormat yesterday. It’s always good when this colourful little book arrives, four times a year. howies are a clothing company, but the catalogue is more than just a selection of pretty people in … Continue reading

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Nike Cycling: Not Doing It Anymore

It looks like Nike’s relationship with the sport of cycling may be coming to an end. BikeBiz have announced the end of Nike’s tie-up with Trek, the largest bike company in the US, with whom they market their cycling clothing … Continue reading

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Stow Me The Money!

howies are a Wales-based clothing company making some very nice stuff aimed at bikers/skaters/paddlers/dreamers who have a few quid in their back pockets. Their approach is very much about having fun and doing the right thing. Their website and catalogues … Continue reading

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Howies vs. We-We

I’m fairly new to marketing. I’ve been to only a couple of seminars and read only a few of the myriad websites, blogs and magazine articles that rush before my eyes. There are a hell of a lot of words … Continue reading

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Specialized have gone global…

It looks like Specialized, one of the bike industry’s leading players, has made an interesting decision about how it uses its distinctive branding. Specialized are a big name in bikes and they’re very proud of their brand. Most of their … Continue reading

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