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Review: Exposure Joystick light

£148.50 – Serious off-road-capable lights no longer have to involve bulky external batteries and huge expense. Needing something compact to augment my ageing handlebar-mounted halogens, I decided to try out a Joystick  – one of Exposure’s smaller lights. The … Continue reading

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Do some cycle road markings do more harm than good?

All over the UK, local authorities spend money and effort improving conditions for cyclists in a bid to encourage the use of bikes. Wherever we see painted cycle markings on the road surface, we get the feeling that something positive … Continue reading

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Nick Meadows and his Eco-Trike

Last night, as I set off for an off-road ride through Alice Holt Forest, I was distracted by an unusual-looking wheeled contraption in the corner of a Forestry Commission car park. Intrigued, I rolled over to investigate. What I saw … Continue reading

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Compulsory insurance for cyclists: Why not?

In the UK, if you ride a bike, write about bikes or work with bikes, there are certain thorny debates that crop up repeatedly: helmets, insurance, licensing, red-light-jumping and road tax are the usual favourites for discussion with journalists, motorists … Continue reading

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Why wait all summer for the mountains? Plan a biking trip now for next year

I was asked by Carolyn of Chalets Direct to contribute a post about biking in the Alps for The Ski Blog. I first met Carolyn in 2001, when we were both living and working in Chamonix, so she knows how … Continue reading

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Tips for choosing, buying and setting up a new bike

It’s summertime. So, of course, it’s the time of year when everyone rummages in the shed, finds their bike lying unloved and rusty where it was deposited after a wet ride last year, and decides to treat themselves to a … Continue reading

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It’s Early May and History is Repeating Itself

Since 1999, the first weekend in May has always been the cue for a kind of nervous excitement for me. During the years I worked overseas for Neilson, this time of year was generally the time when, after several weeks … Continue reading

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Double 700C and Tonic

Just before Christmas, I found myself joining the staff of a bike shop for a Christmas night out. We started in a pub before moving on to a Chinese restaurant. Early in the evening, the boss returned from the bar … Continue reading

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Cycling Meets Agriculture Down on the Allotment

A couple of days after Christmas Mel and I found ourselves in the beautiful city of Bath. We spent a lazy day wandering round shopping, drinking coffee and taking in the atmosphere. I was keen to see the beautiful Royal … Continue reading

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First Ride-By Shouting of 2008

So there we were. About half-past midnight no New Year’s Eve and Mel and I are riding merrily along Brighton’s seafront cyclepath. Given the time and date, it is no surprise to see dozens of pedestrians wobbling about in the … Continue reading

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