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Thank Martin for Picr: making it easier to share images from a Flickr set

I’m a big fan of Flickr. It has so many features, such functionality and such a network of communities that, in addition to using it for my own personal photos, I use Flickr for work-related projects. If I have a … Continue reading

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Travel photography tips from a Greek adventure

I’m a casual photographer with no formal expertise. I learn through mistakes and lucky shots. A two week trip to to Greece in 2009 was an action-packed holiday with lots of opportunities for photography. A week of watersports and mountain … Continue reading

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Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2007

I love photography in many forms, but I’ve never really thought of myself as a fan of wildlife photos. Give me portraits, landscapes, sports, architecture. I’ve never had much time for the animals, I’m afraid. But when Mel suggested a … Continue reading

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I Got Moo

I’ve been a big fan of Flickr for a while. But I’ve not yet experimented with the commercial services and third party add-ons that tempt you from the page margins. Until now. I did it. I ordered myself a pack … Continue reading

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howies Autumn Catalogue

I’ve just been looking at the autumn catalogue from howies, the undeniably cool clothing company. Well worth a look. I’m not sure if it’s just come out, or if it’s been available for a few weeks, but it’s the first … Continue reading

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Exif Strategy

If you’re a bit of a geek, one of the wonders of digital photography isn’t just held within the image itself, but in the hidden information which attaches itself to the file and makes its way onto your hard drive … Continue reading

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A Plea to my Cycling Friends

I like riding bikes. I like taking photos. And above all, I love spending time with my friends. When all three come together, and I find myself photographing friends on bikes, I’m rarely happier. But, I need to issue a … Continue reading

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