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Travel photography tips from a Greek adventure

I’m a casual photographer with no formal expertise. I learn through mistakes and lucky shots. A two week trip to to Greece in 2009 was an action-packed holiday with lots of opportunities for photography. A week of watersports and mountain … Continue reading

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A brand new bag

Two courier bags. One black, one red. I’ve owned one of them for around 7 hours. I’ve owned the other for for about 12 years. One is brand new. The other is rapidly falling apart. One of them has just … Continue reading

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Nick Meadows and his Eco-Trike

Last night, as I set off for an off-road ride through Alice Holt Forest, I was distracted by an unusual-looking wheeled contraption in the corner of a Forestry Commission car park. Intrigued, I rolled over to investigate. What I saw … Continue reading

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Compulsory insurance for cyclists: Why not?

In the UK, if you ride a bike, write about bikes or work with bikes, there are certain thorny debates that crop up repeatedly: helmets, insurance, licensing, red-light-jumping and road tax are the usual favourites for discussion with journalists, motorists … Continue reading

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Why wait all summer for the mountains? Plan a biking trip now for next year

I was asked by Carolyn of Chalets Direct to contribute a post about biking in the Alps for The Ski Blog. I first met Carolyn in 2001, when we were both living and working in Chamonix, so she knows how … Continue reading

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Get up early before it’s too late – Don’t miss the best time of day at the best time of year

The clocks have gone forward and we’ve been enjoying extra daylight in the evening. But what about the morning? Continue reading

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Why I’m Glad the Daily Mail Hates Social Media

I’m pleased to see the Daily Mail has dismissed Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the social media movement. But here’s why… Continue reading

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Doing the DO – A weekend with howies – PART 1

I’ve just returned from an amazing four days as the guest of howies for the inaugural DO Lectures. howies is a clothing company who try to be a little bit different, a little bit thoughtful and to do the right … Continue reading

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Tips for choosing, buying and setting up a new bike

It’s summertime. So, of course, it’s the time of year when everyone rummages in the shed, finds their bike lying unloved and rusty where it was deposited after a wet ride last year, and decides to treat themselves to a … Continue reading

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It’s Early May and History is Repeating Itself

Since 1999, the first weekend in May has always been the cue for a kind of nervous excitement for me. During the years I worked overseas for Neilson, this time of year was generally the time when, after several weeks … Continue reading

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