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One of those ‘This is what the internet was made for’ moments.

Here’s something that made me smile: Frank Turner, currently one of my favourite musicians, mentions on Twitter that he’s about to play a free gig in Winterthur, Switzerland later in the day. My friends Rebecca and Simon live in Winterthur, … Continue reading

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Thank Martin for Picr: making it easier to share images from a Flickr set

I’m a big fan of Flickr. It has so many features, such functionality and such a network of communities that, in addition to using it for my own personal photos, I use Flickr for work-related projects. If I have a … Continue reading

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Do some cycle road markings do more harm than good?

All over the UK, local authorities spend money and effort improving conditions for cyclists in a bid to encourage the use of bikes. Wherever we see painted cycle markings on the road surface, we get the feeling that something positive … Continue reading

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Travel photography tips from a Greek adventure

I’m a casual photographer with no formal expertise. I learn through mistakes and lucky shots. A two week trip to to Greece in 2009 was an action-packed holiday with lots of opportunities for photography. A week of watersports and mountain … Continue reading

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A brand new bag

Two courier bags. One black, one red. I’ve owned one of them for around 7 hours. I’ve owned the other for for about 12 years. One is brand new. The other is rapidly falling apart. One of them has just … Continue reading

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Nick Meadows and his Eco-Trike

Last night, as I set off for an off-road ride through Alice Holt Forest, I was distracted by an unusual-looking wheeled contraption in the corner of a Forestry Commission car park. Intrigued, I rolled over to investigate. What I saw … Continue reading

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Compulsory insurance for cyclists: Why not?

In the UK, if you ride a bike, write about bikes or work with bikes, there are certain thorny debates that crop up repeatedly: helmets, insurance, licensing, red-light-jumping and road tax are the usual favourites for discussion with journalists, motorists … Continue reading

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