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Blame it on the Twitter

I’m about to do what I never thought I would do. I have been an infrequent blogger over the last couple of years, writing irregularly and infrequently, sometimes for work and sometimes for fun. I have always harboured a dislike … Continue reading

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Double 700C and Tonic

Just before Christmas, I found myself joining the staff of a bike shop for a Christmas night out. We started in a pub before moving on to a Chinese restaurant. Early in the evening, the boss returned from the bar … Continue reading

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Cycling Meets Agriculture Down on the Allotment

A couple of days after Christmas Mel and I found ourselves in the beautiful city of Bath. We spent a lazy day wandering round shopping, drinking coffee and taking in the atmosphere. I was keen to see the beautiful Royal … Continue reading

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First Ride-By Shouting of 2008

So there we were. About half-past midnight no New Year’s Eve and Mel and I are riding merrily along Brighton’s seafront cyclepath. Given the time and date, it is no surprise to see dozens of pedestrians wobbling about in the … Continue reading

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Anthony McCall, Serpentine Gallery

We were strolling through Hyde Park, hoping it wouldn’t start to rain before we we reached Exhibition Road. As we neared the centre of the park, the light drizzle started to increase in intensity and we looked for somewhere to … Continue reading

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Is Television the New Meat?

I’ve not eaten meat deliberately for around 14 years. (There was that chain of accidental events back in Finikounda, but that’s another story…).When I first went veggie, I became used to the curiosity of those around me: “But why not?” … Continue reading

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Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2007

I love photography in many forms, but I’ve never really thought of myself as a fan of wildlife photos. Give me portraits, landscapes, sports, architecture. I’ve never had much time for the animals, I’m afraid. But when Mel suggested a … Continue reading

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Brick Lane and East is East

Of the films I’ve watched recently have been a couple which address similar themes – those to do with the life of British Asians. I bought Monica Ali’s novel Brick Lane around a year ago, in the process of being … Continue reading

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I Got Moo

I’ve been a big fan of Flickr for a while. But I’ve not yet experimented with the commercial services and third party add-ons that tempt you from the page margins. Until now. I did it. I ordered myself a pack … Continue reading

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Whizzkid Kingpin

I’ve just seen news of the arrest, by New Zealand police, of a teenage hacker who is being questioned in connection with major online fraud. In the article the police are reported to have alleged that the teenager is a … Continue reading

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